UBI URBS (Business unit of Nord Progetti S.r.l.) is a design group created to combine professional experiences in the fields of regional planning, urban design, economic and environmental assessment, improvement of cultural heritage and landscape, infrastructure design, social participation and development programming.
UBI URBS is characterized by its extreme flexibility, with the aim of providing technical support to the public administrations and private companies in the study, planning and management of physical, geographical and strategic activities.
The professional staff have various skills pertaining to the field of architecture, urban planning, regional sciences, environmental analysis, economic planning and social communication. Indeed, UBI URBS makes the multidisciplinary its guiding principle, with the aim of responding to the challenges and complexity of the places with an integrated and cross-sectorial approach.
Our mission is understanding how cities and regions function, carrying out the analysis and design choices needed for integrated planning and development in order to manage interventions in a technically adequate way. Our know-how is based on precision and balance combined with creativity and innovation, always trying to achieve successful outcomes for every client.
The working method adopted by the team of UBI URBS allows us to bring intelligence, enthusiasm and innovation to the project, each time interpreting it as an opportunity for experimentation.